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  • “Ancestors Calling” shares the Mountain Métis culture through the music and stories of award-winning musician Laura Vinson; a descendent of the early voyageurs Louis Loyer and Louis Karakuntie. 2014 Awards: “BEST OF” the Jasper Short Film Festival in 2014. 2015 Awards: The Alberta Film & Television Rosie Awards nomination for Best Original Musical Score (non-fiction over 30 minutes)
  • ISBN 978-0-9783377-3-5

    The People & Peaks books are a series of publications of true stories of the traditions, history and culture of an almost forgotten mountain people. These 'first person' accounts have become founding documentation about the people, past and present who lived and worked in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. 

    People & Peaks of Willmore Wilderness Park: The Legacy Continues is the a continuation of People & Peaks of Willmore Wilderness Park: 1800s to mid-1900s. The stories are primarily in the Jasper National Park and Willmore Wilderness areas of the Canadian Rockies.


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