People & Peaks Productions creates documentaries that focus on traditional knowledge and landscapes of Alberta’s eastern slopes. Powerful stories are set in the outstanding scenery of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The goal of the production company is to educate the viewers about the unique culture and history, flora and fauna of Willmore Wilderness Park and surrounding areas.
The production company thrives in a physically-demanding environment, including some of the most unexplored areas of the Rockies. Access is gained by saddle and pack horses. The productions are set in stunning vistas, with original musical scores and scripts that are written using historical records, to create stories about the unique mountain culture, traditions and history of the Canadian Rockies.
Resources include both ground and aerial HD film footage of Willmore Wilderness Park; 1940s Carnegie Institute archival footage of Willmore Wilderness Park; and 1940s archival footage of Ishbel (Hargreaves) Cochrane, who homesteaded Mount Robson Ranch, showing Willmore Wilderness Park, Mount Robson Park and Jasper National Park. Resources also include original journals and letters documenting early travels in the Canadian Rockies. This collection includes many hundreds of photographs of the early mountaineers who traveled with the old-time outfitters. None of this huge resource of archival material has ever been published.

People & Peaks Productions

People & Peaks Productions Ltd. is a production company owned and operated by the Willmore Wilderness Preservation and Historical Foundation. The company specializes in outdoor documentary film production that features the stories of the mountain people and their landscapes. Their shoots take place in the isolated valleys and on pristine summits. Areas include Willmore Wilderness Park, Jasper National Park, and Kakwa Wildland Park. This film company produces high-quality high definition expedition films with breathtaking imagery and compelling, dramatic narratives.

People & Peaks Productions has produced the Canadian Rockies Series (13 X 60’ HD · Documentary), that have been nominated for twenty-six (26) Alberta Film & Television Rosie Awards. The nominations include Best Documentary Series, Best Documentary, Best Director, Best Original Musical Scores; Best Cinematographer, and Best Overall Sound. The productions tell the story of legendary mountain people through compelling and dramatic narratives featuring the isolated valleys and pristine summits of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

We are proud that People & Peaks Productions one-hour documentaries are being showcased on Wild TV  as Special Features, and their newly  launched new networks, RFD  TV Canada an The Cowboy Channel Canada. The documentaries detail the history, culture and traditions of the Canadian Rockies.

People & Peaks Productions Inc has five licensed Drone Pilots on staff and an expertise in aerial photography in the mountainous regions of the Canadian Rockies.

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People & Peaks Productions specializes in documentary films & books.

The goal of the production company is to educate the viewers about the unique culture, traditions, and history, flora and fauna of Willmore Wilderness Park and surrounding areas.

The Willmore Wilderness Foundation has also published four books that showcase first person narratives about the way of life in the Canadian Rockies. The books share the landscape, culture, history and traditions of Alberta’s eastern slopes.

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Understanding our past is critical to building our future.

Documentaries are woven with historical facts.


Mountain people share their stories of days gone by, along with their vision and hope for future generations.