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  • Roots that Go Deep: 45:03 minutes
    “Roots that Go Deep” shares the story of a family as they face the challenges of starting four young wild mares, passing the traditions on to a younger generation as they travel the trails in Willmore Wilderness Park. 2020 Awards: Roots that Go Deep was nominated for two 2020 Alberta Film and Television Rosie Awards. These include Best Musical Score (non-fiction over 30 minutes) and Best Cinematography.
  • “Trials and Tribulations of Old Trailmen” shares the uphill battle of recovering from a stroke and finding a way back into the Rockies. Recovering from a stroke, an 81-year-old mountain man wonders if he’ll ever get back to the places he’s loved his entire life—or if he’d ever even walk again. Despite the odds, he overcomes adversity. In riding horses, he borrows freedom. 2018 Awards: The Alberta Film & Television Rosie Awards nominations for Best Cinematography and Best Original Musical Score (non-fiction over 30 minutes.)


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