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The Willmore Wilderness Foundation offers a wide variety of programs and services.

Information & Education:

We provide information on Willmore Wilderness Park to the public, educational institutions, government agencies, and non-government organizations. The public accesses educational videos, books, social media, teaching videos, and information from the Willmore Wilderness Foundation at 4600 Pine Plaza in Grande Cache.

Trail Clearing and Infrastructure Improvement

The Willmore Wilderness Foundation does infrastructure improvement in Improvement District #25/Willmore Wilderness Park. We provide training in the traditions and cultural ways of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. We provide information services, training, tourism promotion, and community collaboration. Willmore Wilderness Park or Improvement District #25 is 4600 square kilometres and has hundreds of miles of trails, which have been neglected for more than half a century in some places. Access is by horseback, and crews need to travel many kilometres to get into job site areas. The goal of the program is to restore and rehabilitate the trails and infrastructure of Willmore Wilderness Park.

Historical Research:

The Willmore Wilderness Foundation is researching and collecting a database of history from the Hudson’s Bay Company, North West Company, church records, and census documents. These archival documents will be used to promote the story of this region through tourism, “the regional story”, film, TV, social media, and other promotional activities. The historical data is being shared regionally and will help promote our unique story, culture and traditions of the Alberta Rocky Mountains.

Alberta Rockies Adventures:

Alberta Rockies Adventures is a program spearheaded by the Willmore Wilderness Preservation and Historical Foundation. We represent leading operators and lodges along the scenic eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies in Alberta, Canada. Our operators, your hosts, share a personal history and knowledge of the region, offering a unique traditional and historic tourism that focuses on the history of the Canadian Rockies: the saga of how Canada’s West was opened. All businesses operate in or around Willmore Wilderness Park.

People & Peaks Productions

People & Peaks Productions Ltd. is a production company owned and operated by the Willmore Wilderness Preservation and Historical Foundation. This business creates books and documentaries that focus on traditional knowledge and landscapes of Alberta’s eastern slopes. Powerful stories are set in the outstanding scenery of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

The goal of the book publication and film production company is to educate the viewers about the unique culture and history and the flora and fauna of Willmore Wilderness Park and surrounding areas.


Historical Research

Stories of the Canadian Rockies
Stories of the Canadian Rockies
The Willmore Wilderness Foundation is actively researching North West Company and Hudson’s Bay Company records, and pulling Scrip, Church records and more to accurately reconstruct the history of the Rockies.
Canadian Fur Trade Story
Canadian Fur Trade Story
The Willmore Wilderness Foundation produces books and documentaries on the unique history, culture and traditions of the Canadian Rockies.
Travel by Packtrain
Travel by Packtrain
Willmore Wilderness Park has a history of a horseback culture that stems back over two hundred years.
Diamond Hitch
Diamond Hitch
The diamond hitch was used to pack supplies through the rugged Rocky Mountain terrain.

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