Willmore Wilderness Park

Willmore Wilderness Park is located directly north of Jasper National Park, and its western boundary follows the Great Continental Divide. The is area is an untouched alpine frontier. The park is 4,597 square kilometres of pristine wilderness, which has traditionally been hunted, trapped and accessed by horseback.

Willmore Wilderness Foundation Philosophy

Understanding our past is critical to building our future. We share a unique way of life with the world, disseminating stories and information about a mountain culture, traditions, history, flora and fauna of Willmore Wilderness Park and surrounding areas.

Getting the Story Out

As the years passed and changes came to the eastern slopes of the Rockies, there was very little written material on Willmore Wilderness Park and region. It became apparent that there were few opportunities for the mountain people to share their stories, traditions, and culture; and there was very limited knowledge in the public domain of the tremendous history in the region.

About Us

    • The Foundation is the steward of Willmore Wilderness Park, and looks after the infrastructure of the Park including trail systems, campground, grave sites, old trapline cabins, and historic sites.
    • The Willmore Wilderness Foundation provides educational programs and services, offers community and youth development programs, as well as health and wellness programs which focus on the culture and traditions of the Rockies. The Foundation also promotes tourism, as well as restoring historical pack trails and sites that enhances the use of Willmore Wilderness Park for Albertans and visitors alike.
    • The Foundation is building awareness of the region’s unique mountain culture and traditions through book publications, educational film production, multimedia production and tourism promotion.
    • The Foundation supports traditional regional businesses that work in and around Willmore Wilderness Park through tourism promotion initiatives.
    • The Foundation actively researches the history of the region. It is building a database and inventory of film, photos, GPS coordinates, maps old and new, historical records, and data that pertains to Willmore Wilderness Park and surrounding area.
    • The Foundation is a voice for the mountain community.

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