Bazil Leonard
Bazil LeonardPresident & Founder
Bazil has been a guide since 1959. He got his start in Nordegg, Alberta, but moved to Grande Cache ten years later and has resided there ever since. In 1970 Bazil purchased an outfit from Ed Favero, a Nordegg outfitter and moved the operation to Grande Cache. He has been guiding and outfitting in Willmore Wilderness Park ever since. Bazil has extensive knowledge of this incredible mountain park. Bazil also holds a Registered Fur Management Area in Willmore Wilderness Park.

Bazil was the recipient of the 2015 Order of the Bighorn. Members of the Order of the Bighorn have distinguished themselves and enriched the lives of all Albertans through their commitment to the environment and Alberta’s world-renowned fish and wildlife. Bazil is also a recipient of the President’s Award for the Alberta Professional Outfitters Society.

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Willmore Wilderness Preservation & Historical Foundation is a non-profit society registered under the Alberta Societies Act in 2002. The Foundation became a Registered Charitable Organization in 2003.

The Willmore Wilderness Board of Directors is committed to preserve the history of the area; focus on the advancement of education of the park; restore historical packtrails and sites; and enhance the use of Willmore Wilderness Park for Albertans and visitors alike.
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Meet the Board of Directors

Tom Thackeray
Tom ThackerayVice President
Tom Thackeray brings a lot of experience to the Foundation. Tom was also the Assistant Deputy Minister (ADM) of Culture, Community, and Voluntary Services. is the Past Chair of the Board of Trustees of Arts and Heritage, St Albert, a non-profit society and registered charity.

Tom and his wife Kathy love Willmore Wilderness Park and have been on a packhorse trip, and have experienced the history, traditions and culture of the region.

Mark Wood
Mark WoodDirector
Mark Wood moved to Grande Cache in 1975. His first trip into the Willmore Wilderness Park was to the Muddy Water in 1978. He has hiked and ridden extensively, and is an avid sheep hunter.

Mark has spent his life working in the oil and gas industry. He has expertise in Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) and has been invaluable in helping the Foundation remain up to date on their (OH&S) standard. This is necessary for the annual trail clearing programs. Mark is a valued member of the Board of Directors of the Willmore Wilderness Foundation.

Arthur Veitch
Arthur VeitchDirector
Arthur Veitch has a passion for Willmore Wilderness and area photography and cinematography. He has won numerous provincial and national photojournalism and newspaper awards. He is an accomplished wildlife photographer, with his images of cougars, lynx, bears, and wolves published in magazines like National Wildlife and Canadian Geographic. He has acquired footage of cougars, marten, deer, elk, and more. Arthur won runner up for two (2) Animal Portraits with the BBC Wildlife Camera-trap Photo Contest in 2013.

Arthur Veitch and Susan Feddema-Leonard were nominated for Best Cinematographers at the 2016 Alberta Film and Television Rosie Awards.

Loretta Belcourt
Loretta BelcourtDirector
Loretta Belcourt worked for Native Counselling Services of Alberta for 34-years. She ran youth programs in and around Willmore Wilderness Park for many years. Loretta lived and worked in the Edson, Grande Cache and Hinton areas and is very familiar with the culture, traditions and history of the Canadian Rockies. She is a descendant of Joseph Belcourt, one of the first voyageurs that arrived in this region of the Rockies in the late 1700s.
Josh Hallock
Josh HallockDirector
Josh Hallock was born and raised in the Grande Cache area. His family roots go back to the early voyaguers who guided many of the early explores across the Canadian Rockies on horseback. Josh’s grandmother Helen Hallock, and great grandfather, Louis Delorme were both respected in the guiding and outfitting industry. Josh currenly works for the Town of Grande Cache, and is a great asset to the Willmore Wilderness Foundation Board of Directors.
Craig Ingersoll
Craig IngersollDirector
Craig Ingersoll recently moved to Grande Cache from Edson, Alberta. He has worked with horses throughout his life. He has ridden in Willlmore Wilderness Park. He has been a great help in trail clearing trip preparations over the past few years; as well as in post trip support. Craig’s family members including two of his daughters, and granddaughers have travelled extensively in Willmore Wilderness Park. Craig is a professional welder, and his skills are an asset to the Willmore Wilderness Foundation Board of Directors.