Annual General Meeting

/Annual General Meeting
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Willmore Wilderness Foundation


Sunday May 28, 2017 at 10:30 am
Smoky River Ranch for good weather
Willmore Foundation office if raining

There will be a lunch after the meeting.

What Is the Willmore Wilderness Foundation?

The mission of the Willmore Wilderness Foundation is to preserve the history, traditions, culture, and trail network of Willmore Wilderness Park for Albertans and visitors alike.
Willmore Wilderness Preservation & Historical Foundation is a non-profit society registered under the Alberta Societies Act in 2002. The Foundation became a Registered Charitable Organization in 2003 #89655 0308 RR0001
The Foundation preserves the history of the area; focuses on the advancement of education of the park; restores historical pack trails and sites; and enhances the use of Willmore Wilderness Park for Albertans and visitors alike.
The Willmore Wilderness Foundation is the steward of Willmore Wilderness Park, also known as Improvement District #25. The Willmore Wilderness Foundation has an impeccable record of financial and program accountability.

We are Proud of our Programs

Alberta Rockies Adventures 100
People & Peaks Productions 100
Trail Clearing & Infrastructure Improvements 100
Historical Research 100
Master Horsemanship Clinics 100
Education & Training regarding Willmore Wilderness Park 100

Willmore Wilderness Flora, Fauna & Historic Signs of Human Habitation

Wild Flowers
Wild Flowers
The flowers are abundant in the summer months and turn meadows into a tapestry of colour. There is also evidence of fossils that show the ancient history of the area.
Travellers often see mountain goats, Bighorn sheep, elk, deer, moose, caribou, wolves, coyotes, wolverine, cougar, lynx, black bears, and small game.
Historical Buildings & Sites
Historical Buildings & Sites
Willmore Wilderness Park has many historical sites such as trapline cabins, grave sites, old corrals, and an age-old trail network.

Our Proud Team