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  • “Women of Willmore Wilderness” shares the story of riding the Rockies thru time, revealing the experiences of mountain women past and present. The story reveals how their experiences in mountain culture, have deeply inspired them. 2014 Awards: Women of Willmore Wilderness was nominated for two 2014 Alberta Film & Television Rosie Awards nominations for Best Documentary (non-fiction over 30 minutes) and Best Original Musical Score (non-fiction over 30 minutes.)
  • “Wildie” is a story that features two young native women as they each start and train wild horses. Both teens embrace the traditions and culture of their forefathers who lived and worked in the Canadian Rockies. 2013 Awards: Wildie was nominated for the Best Original Musical Score (non-fiction over 30 min) for Alberta Film and Television Rosie Awards Many of us have dreamed of taming one of the wild horses that still roam freely in the Rockies. Share the experience of two young native women as they each start and train a wild mare. See friendship and trust grow between horse and rider as they bond under the mentorship of Master Horseman Larry Nelles. Wildie shares the story of a unique horseback culture. The Alberta Film & Television Rosie Awards nominated "Wildie" in 2013 for the Best Original Musical Score non-fiction over 30 minutes. Wildie: 44:29 minutes  
  • “Long Road Home” is a story of a 200 kilometer, 12-day horseback expedition through the Canadian Rocky Mountains featuring the return of Mountain Métis descendants, whose forefathers were forced out of Canada’s Jasper National Park in 1909. 2011 Awards: Long Road Home was an Official Selection for the 2011 Dreamspeaker’s Film Festival.
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    Canadian Rockies Series 13-Part, 1-Hour Box Set The Canadian Rockies Series, is a collection of stories sharing the history, culture and traditions of Alberta’s eastern slopes. The 13-part one-hour documentary series reveals the people who have lived and worked in some of the most remote regions of the Rocky Mountains.


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