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  • ISBN 978-0-9783377-0-4

    The People & Peaks books are a series of publications of true stories of the traditions, history and culture of an almost forgotten mountain people. These 'first person' accounts have become founding documentation about the people, past and present who lived and worked in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The following quote from Roger Brunt is about the first book in the series.

    "We know that Canada, especially western Canada, was pioneered by hunters, trappers and mountain people. But seldom are we provided with a modern-day, close- up view of the day-to-day lives and activities of these people, whose courage, resourcefulness and humour (often in the face of, what would be for lesser stock, overwhelming calamity) is captured here in the pages of the 
People & Peaks of Willmore Wilderness Park. 

In private correspondence, author Susan Feddema-Leonard wrote to me: “You birth your story—then begins the work of chiseling and shaping the initial thoughts, finally refining them into a work of art.” That’s exactly what Leonard has achieved, a work of art that not only brings to life in words and fine photography (much of it by Leonard herself) one of Canada’s most beautiful and little-known wilderness areas, but pays tribute to the brave folk who opened up, and now fight to preserve, the Willmore Wilderness. " Roger Brunt, Salt Spring Island

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