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Ancestors Calling


Ancestors Calling is one documentary in the Canadian Rockies Series. The Series focuses on traditional knowledge and landscapes of Alberta’s eastern slopes both past and present. Powerful stories are set in the outstanding scenery of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Archives of the Northwest Company, Hudson’s Bay Company, church records, Scrip, Canadian Library and Archives, and other areas have been researched and the information has been incorporated into the series. The Series has original musical scores written by artisans who were born and raised in the Canadian Rockies. Stories are based on real life situations by mountain people who have lived the traditions. Historical elements are woven into the story. Various productions in the series have been nominated for the Alberta Film and Television Rosie Awards.

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Ancestors Calling

In 1804, the North West Company brought voyageurs, proprietors, interpreters, and clerks into the Rocky Mountain District near the present town of Jasper, Alberta. A new culture, traditions and way of life was born. The indigenous Shuswap and Beaver Indians intermingled with the new French, Scottish and Iroquois immigrants.

The Mountain Métis, a horseback culture emerged from this unique blend of people. Ancestors Calling shares the rich culture through music and stories of award-winning musician Laura Vinson, a descendant of an early voyageur of the Canadian Fur Trade: Louis Loyer.

44:27 minutes.

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