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The Packhorse Pete Series is a popular three-part training series on how to tie a Diamond Hitch.

Our Educational Programs

The Willmore Wilderness Foundation has a mandate to educate the public about long-established skills that were used to survive in the mountains, and offers educational programs. The Foundation is especially focused on educating young people about traditional activities that are practiced in the Park and the eastern slopes. The Foundation is supporting educational programs like the Trappers Education Program.

Trappers Education Program:
Trapping has been a traditional activity that has taken place in the Willmore Wilderness Park and surrounding area. To ensure that humane trapping continues in the Willmore, the Foundation is sponsoring young people to participate in the Alberta Trappers Association’s 28-hour program. It is being offered as an evening course. The program is designed to upgrade and standardize the knowledge and skills of trappers and to provide an update of the latest developments in the industry. It introduces the students to the main subject areas of importance to wild fur management. This program will educate young people in skills that were traditional to the Willmore Wilderness and surrounding areas. Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive a certificate for the course.

Mountain Horsemanship Skill:

Other courses include:

– Youth Trapper Education
– Horsemanship Clinic
– Colt Starting Clinic
– Basic Farrier Clinic
– Packing Clinic
– Chainsaw Safety Courses

Mountain Skills

Mountain Horsemanship Clinic

Mountain Horsemanship Clinics

The Willmore Wildernesses offers Mountain Horsemanship courses and programs to teach how to safely start young horses. The Foundation is fostering the history, traditions and culture so that future generations can enjoy the horseback way of life.
Mountain Horsemanship Clinic
Trail Restoration & Youth Mentoring

Trail Clearing & Youth Mentoring

The Willmore Wilderness Foundation was formed in 2002, with a goal of restoring the historic pack trails. The Foundations efforts have opened up, maintained and restored many kilometres of trails that have traditionally been used by hunters, trappers, outfitters, anglers, and horsemen for the past 200 years. The Willmore Wilderness offer several Youth Mentoring program each year to teach youth the traditions and skills of old time trail men. Long–time outfitters and elders mentor the youth who are participating in trail clearing initiatives in Improvement District #25 aka Willmore Wilderness Park.
Trail Restoration & Youth Mentoring
VIMEO People & Peaks

People & Peaks Vimeo TV Channel

The Willmore Wilderneness produces on line training and educational videos. Packhorse Pete is a series of teaching videos that the Willmore Wilderness Foundation has produced through People & Peaks Productions to help preserve the traditions of the Rockies.
VIMEO People & Peaks