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Willmore Wilderness Foundation

Willmore Wilderness Preservation & Historical Foundation is a non-profit society registered under the Alberta Societies Act in 2002. The Foundation became a Registered Charitable Organization in 2003.

The Foundation preserves the history of the area; focuses on the advancement of education of the park; restores historical pack trails and sites; promotes tourism and economic development, and enhances the use of Willmore Wilderness Park for Albertans and visitors alike.

Willmore Wilderness Park has a unique horseback culture, traditions and history that date back to the Canadian Fur Trade. Travelling the old pack trails allows one to be independent and free to stop and make their home in a camp; free to experience the sounds and beauty of the earth. The mountains give many the feeling of being at one with nature.

Willmore Wilderness Park offers wide-open spaces, and when accessed with horses or by hiking can nurture a man’s spirit, leaving one with a feeling of connecting to the earth.

Canadian Rocky Mountain way of life … shared & appreciated


September 14, 2018
Trailing Home in a Winter Wonderland

Willmore Wilderness Foundation Trail Crews packed up and left Willmore Wilderness Park yesterday on a snowy ride home. Crews began their work on July 3, 2018 during high water. We covered many miles and will share our stories and accomplishments in the near future. Heavy snows brought down trees, which promises more work for the Foundation in the coming years.